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ABOUT US was founded in August 2015 to meet market and customer demands, within the cosmetics surgery field, who area already confident as to which surgical or non-surgical procedure they would like. The company’s passion is to deliver a central repository of UK based cosmetic professionals to meet UK and international demands. It is a modern and dynamic company that is in early stage growth.

One of the primary concerns for those considering a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure is the location. Those based in the UK would prefer a solution that is accessible and convenient to them and those that are non-UK based are looking for professionals within the UK. This is primarily due to the vast amount of expertise and talent within the UK’s cosmetic surgery industry.

This website was created to start meeting the demand of the growing cosmetic industry (surgical and non-surgical). has started creating an independent panel of specialists within the cosmetic field. The Panel is continuously growing and the number of procedures on offer is also increasing.

Our website now facilitates a different type of interaction with specialist cosmetic surgeons and clients searching for specific cosmetic procedures.

The Panel of experts that has compiled are comprised of independent, qualified UK based professionals. Because they are independent firms, they can offer their own levels of service to suit individual clients.

This methodology allows clients access to surgeons and other cosmetic professionals they may not otherwise find in general searches.

The ultimate vision for this website, is to become the central repository for all UK based cosmetic professionals.


    Dr Ali Moosa has substantial expertise in many areas. Formerly a Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Moosa now runs a successful, specialist medical reporting firm. He has always been committed to delivering exceptional customer care and developing long term relationships. This has now extended into his interest within the cosmetic surgery field.

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